Stop the Democrats From Trying to Repeal NH Anti-Discrimination Legislation!
Oppose Their Bill – HB 1162!

HB 1162 is relative to teaching discrimination in public schools and discrimination in public workplaces. Public Hearing is Tuesday, 2/6/24 at 11:00 am, House Education Committee. With this bill, Democrats are trying to repeal NH anti-discrimination legislation. Democrat statements that repealing the existing legislation will allow accurate history to be taught are false. The leftist push for bringing CRT into the classroom and trying to divide society with their identity and victimization politics needs to be opposed!


Take Action Now:
NH General Court sign-in form:

1 – Fill out the information including your email address
2 – Select the date (Feb 6) of the hearing for the bill on the calendar
3 – Select the Committee (Education) from the drop-down
3 – Select the bill (HB 1162) from the drop-down
4 – Select “A Member of the Public” from the drop-down
5 – Select I am representing “Myself” from the drop-down
6 – Select the circle “I OPPOSE This Bill”
7 – Check that the info that prints out is correct
8 – You can add optional comments before hitting SUBMIT

Read the bill: HB 1162