FOUR important Education Freedom Account bills are being heard TODAY, Wednesday, January 17, in the House Education Committee. Our elected Representatives need our help to Support these bills.

Here’s how you can do that!

Click on this link: HOUSE REMOTE TESTIMONY

1 – Select Jan 17 as the date of the hearing on the calendar
2 – Select House Education Committee from the drop-down
3 – Select the bill the (Bill #) from the drop-down
4 – Select “A Member of the Public” from the drop-down
5 – I am representing “Myself”
6 – Select the circle “I SUPPORT This Bill”
7 – Check the info that prints out:

Date: 1/17/2024
Committee: Senate Education
Legislation: (Bill #)
I Am: A Member of the Public
Representing: Myself
I SUPPORT to this Bill

Do this for EACH of the 4 bills:

HB 1561– expands eligibility for Education Freedom Accounts
HB 1634 – removes household income limits for eligibility of Education Freedom Accounts
HB 1665 – changes the current income limit from 350% to 500% of federal poverty level for Education Freedom Accounts
HB 1677 – changes current income limit for students in schools that performed at the 49th percentile or below.

These bills are pro-student and pro-family. Plus, education choice is known to help improve education outcomes! Democrats falsely claim these programs drain funds from public schools and drive up taxation. Such claims by opponents are just plain false.

Support these bills!
Thank you for taking action today!