Two Bedford NH House Reps – Democrats Catherine Rombeau and Loren Foxx – voted with their Democrat partisans once again, against hardworking families.

Democrats Vote to Strip Education Freedom and Raise Granite Staters’ Electric Bills

February 23, 2023

Chris Ager
(603) 318-4437

Concord, NH – House Democrats Vote to Strip Education Freedom and raise Granite Staters’ Electric Bills. Chairman Chris Ager released the following statement:

“It’s awfully telling that the first thing Democrats do when they get a short-lived majority in the House is vote to strip Education Freedom from low- and middle-income families, all while passing a bill that will raise those same families electricity costs.

Granite Staters will remember this shameful act to force kids back into schools that weren’t meeting their educational needs and hurt struggling families by raising their electricity costs further.”

House Bill 430 and House Bill 234 are the two bills in question.