Hearings on Two Important Bills Today, January 18!

Please Help Take Action to Support Our Legislators!

Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee
SUPPORTHB 1012 – Exempting from criminal penalty certain parenting decisions intended to encourage a child’s independence and freedom.

This bill would ensure parents cannot be found guilty of child endangerment for making a parenting decision that is not otherwise illegal and presents no more than a hypothetical risk of harm. Protect parents’ rights and the ability of children to grow into independence.

Education Commitee
SUPPORTHB 1419 – Relative to prohibiting obscene or harmful sexual materials in schools.

This bill will prohibit materials harmful to minors, in schools. It would establish a system for filing complaints and for removal of such materials. Democrats and the NEA are already labeling this bill as a “book banning” bill. They are so blatantly wrong, it is not. This is about protecting minors from harmful materials, and ensuring parents and guardians (who by the way, are also taxpayers supporting the schools) are part of a complaint resolution process.

Here’s how to take action — do this for EACH bill!

Click on this link: HOUSE REMOTE TESTIMONY

1 – Select Jan 18 as the date of the hearing on the calendar
2 – Select the applicable Committee from the drop-down
3 – Select the (Bill #) from the drop-down
4 – Select “A Member of the Public” from the drop-down
5 – I am representing “Myself”
6 – Select the circle “I SUPPORT This Bill”
7 – Upload or Type in Your Testimony (Optional, but it certainly helps!)
8 – Perform Final Review
9 – Hit “Submit”. You will see a “Thank you” verification at the top of the screen after you hit submit.

For additional information on the NH House Committees and committee members access this link: https://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/committees/standingcommittees.aspx