On Thursday a bi-partisan majority in the NH House supported a ban on genital gender reassignment surgery for minors with the passage of HB-619. The vote was 199-175 in favor, with 12 Democrats and 2 Independents joining Republicans to vote in favor of protections for minors. Thank you to the Bedford Republican House representatives who supported the bill. On the other hand, Bedford’s House Democrats and Independent unfortunately voted against the bill. Democrat extremists are using patently false, divisive, and inflammatory rhetoric to attack the bill’s supporters.

As the bill states: “In the absence of high-quality data to prove safety and efficacy, including long term outcomes, only people over the age of majority should receive genital gender reassignment surgery in the state of New Hampshire.” It also notes: “Multivariate analyses of published studies between 2015 and 2022 showed no decrease in suicides after gender affirming surgery, with some studies showing a significant increase in psychiatric hospitalizations and suicides after surgical transition.”

Fact: This bill is about protecting children from being subjected to irreversible surgeries.

The bill goes to the Senate, and if signed into law, NH would join 20 other states, so far. Thank you to all those who supported this bill. And, for those who opposed the bill, it begs the question: what is good about minors getting such irreversible surgeries?

Below some articles for reference and a link to the Bill:



The NH Journal article includes a description of Democrats using “struggle session” (browbeating?) tactics against one of their liberal colleagues who supported the bill.