As most of you know by now, last week the Democrats came out in full force against the pro-parents, pro-family and pro-kids parental rights bill – SB272. In their virulent campaign, the Democrats spread inflammatory and divisive misinformation. Granite-state parents, kids and families lost. The Democrats are also the same party that is adamantly opposed to NH’s Republican-led education choice/education freedom accounts program; a wildly successful program that expands educational opportunities for so many children.

Why do Democrats oppose parental rights and education choice? Because Democrats favor government institutional power over families and the family unit, and having parental values and rights subservient to the state.

The history lesson of what happens to societies, when government authorities are allowed to usurp the influence and authority of parents over their children, is unkind and filled with tragedy.

Please see the latest update below from NH House Republicans, MESSAGE FROM THE MAJORITY LEADER.

Republican Review | Volume 6 Issue 16 | May 19, 2023