Linked here is the latest from our NH House Republican Office. Included is an update on two important bills for expanding Education Freedom Accounts.

The Senate has two important hearings this coming Tuesday in the Education Committee. The first bill, HB367 increases the household income level based on federal poverty guidelines for eligibility of students to participate in the EFA program. The second, HB464 expands eligibility to marginalized and at-risk students. Democrats, including Bedford House Reps Rombeau and Foxx, unfortunately are vehemently opposed to these bills and continue to spread misinformation about the EFA program and these bills. These bills are pro-family, pro-kids and pro-education excellence. Please contact your legislators and the SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE to express your support of these bills, and tell the Democrats to stop their attacks and misinformation campaigns.

The Senate Hearing was held last week for the common-sense parental rights bill SB272. A big thank you to all who have been expressing support. As it goes back to the House, we ask everyone to contact their House Representatives and ask them to please support SB272 when it goes to the House floor.

Loren E Foxx
Ted Gorski
Linda R. Gould
Dan Hynes
Kristin Noble
Catherine A. Rombeau
Laurie J. Sanborn

Unfortunately, leftist extremists against this bill spread divisive propaganda about parents being dangerous and therefore the government knows better than parents. Authoritarian regimes are well known to demonize parents with propaganda and increase the power of the state at the expense of parents and their families. This is the US. This is New Hampshire. We believe in supporting families and that parents have rights, including the right to raise their kids with love and compassion. Please continue to express your support for SB272. ​

Lastly, we were alerted by NH Senate Republicans that one of our local businesses was subjected to detestable expressions of negativity and harassment. Specifically, Murphy’s of Bedford had rented their function room for an event Tuesday evening, April 18 by a local group that had a young woman as a speaker. The topic was about bringing awareness to the issue of changing the genders of children using drugs and surgery. The young woman was Chloe Cole, sponsored by Cornerstone ( with their partner Do No Harm. Unfortunately, cancel crowd extremists jumped into action and Murphy’s received numerous negative and vitriolic reactions against this event (on-line, calls and in-person harassment). To respond to such an event with demonstrations of hatred and use of intimidation tactics by extremist ideologues is unfortunate, unacceptable and threatens the fundamental values of our society. Thank you to Senator Keith Murphy, a very strong proponent of free speech, and to Murphy’s of Bedford for being a great restaurant as well as a valued and wonderful member of our business community.