The USA is going in the wrong direction! President Biden, his administration and the Democrats’ policies are causing harm to our country and failing all of us.

Highest Inflation in 40 years
Annualized inflation rate at stunning 8.5%, rapidly eroding purchasing power.

Disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan
American soldiers lost, Americans and allies left behind, billions in military hardware left behind.

Record High Energy Prices
Since January 2021, gas up 48%+, fuel oil up 70%+. They will not support any new gas/oil leases.

A Completely Open Border
Blatantly ignoring US immigration laws, effectively eliminating our southern border. Result: a tsunami of 2 mil+ foreign nationals from 120+ countries. Cartels bring drugs in at will. No screening for terrorists.

Record High Crime
Increasingly dangerous streets in cities across the US. Police are underfunded and defunded. Violent criminals released without charges.

Democrats oppose fair and secure elections
Democrats support residents of other states voting in NH, a Federal takeover of state elections (HR1), and the end of NH having the First in the Nation Primary

New DHS Disinformation Board
Their more aptly named Ministry of Truth is modeled after totalitarian dictatorships to punish anyone who dares to exercise their right to free speech.

We are asking for volunteers to help us correct the wrongs being inflicted by the Democrats. Help us as we stand for common sense and integrity – based policies and governance for all of us. Join the Bedford Republican Committee at one of our meetings. We meet the second Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM at Murphy’s Tavern and Carriage House in Bedford NH.

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